Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive Peda

It’s a good product in my opinion, but just to be clear, I want to give a little introduction to those trying to buy booster. If you’re new to guitars or new to music in any way shape or form, then I wouldn’t recommend you waste your money on this product. This applies especially if you’re still practicing solo, and not in a band.

JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Drive Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Pedal with Bypass
708 Reviews
JOYO JF-02 Ultimate Drive Guitar Effect Pedal Overdrive Pedal with Bypass
  • Recreates sound of a Late 70’s overdriven tube-amp
  • Features Gain, Level and Tone knobs, as well asHi/LowTone switch allows even brighter top end
  • Rich in second- and third-order harmonics
  • Different sounds possible, covers punk to country
  • Please refer the User Manual before use.

Product features

Get this device only if you’re playing for an audience, and not your parents at your home. Pretty much the only reason why you need a booster, is to increase the volume output of the guitar. If you’re looking for anything else, especially tone quality, then you may have to look at the guitar itself.

The quality all lies in the guitar, especially when trying to sustain notes. Don’t expect the booster to do the job in improving the tone for you. In fact, a booster may end up doing the complete opposite, messing up your tone coloration, and increasing distortion. Make sure you’ve got a good guitar on hand, and that you know how to play it, and are going to play it in a wide space or band, before getting this device. As for the tone, the difference in tone caused by different booster units, are really a matter of personal taste.

Now, back to the product. It’s quite good if you’re look for a multi-use booster. This device can play anything from punk rock to country, so it’s a good all in one package, especially if you’ve got multiple guitars that you want to try out. Also, being only $35, it’s one of the few products listed for accident protection, which is good for the long-term. $35 seems like a good price for it, especially if you look at other listed products, which are all in the $30-$40 price range.

If you’re willing to pay the extra $8 for the protection, you get a 3 year device for $43, which is close to $14 a year, or less than $1.5 a month. This makes the device worth it in terms of cost. You can get cheap and use amp sounds instead, but that’s not something we’d recommend. You get better sound from this device, and it feels much more natural, especially to your audience.

Final verdict

This pedal actually comes from a Chinese company, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The JF-02 is actually one of the best in the line-up of Joyo guitars, and was actually bought and upsold by an American company a few years back for $200 per unit. That’s just a testament to the pedal’s quality.

The main drawback of this pedal, is that it does not sustain heat well. The battery and device can overheat fast, especially if you’re in a location where it is too hot. If you have a gig in a location that’s going to make you sweat, then you may want to look for a unit that is over $100 in price.

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